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Starting June 28, 2021 we'll be running weeks of camps for your kids 3-15. 
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About LAB

LAB (Language Arts Base) is an art and academic studio space concept for all ages, based in Vancouver BC!

We have many fun programs for small kids, and also a sprinkle for adults (or big kids)! No matter what age, we want to encourage  our students to build wonderful conversations and appreciation for visual arts. We've got such a great multi-cultural community here, so we also want to give our youths more opportunities to learn the fundamentals of English language in a fun and artistic environment. We want to help kids build a portfolio of interests and hobbies that will let them grow into well-rounded individuals as well. 

Our vision is to create a one-of-a-kind space for every one to become confident in art expression. We also believe everyone’s curiosity and originality needs to be nurtured so that all are inspired to learn and do better each and every day!

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Messy Jessy says, "Hi!"

I'm Jess Pang (aka Messy Jessy) and founder + atelierista of LAB Studio!

I have always loved expressing my life and words through drawings, paintings and all things crafty since I started walking and talking. I graduated with a Fine Arts degree from University of British Columbia. During my time there, I held some art shows, and really enjoyed connecting with other fellow artists. Afterwards, I moved to Hong Kong, and opened the very first LAB art studio there for several years, and had a great time teaching children English and Art. Now here I am! I get to do it all over again in my beautiful hometown, Vancouver!


I am happy to be able to do what I love to do for a living, and that's sharing my love for making art with people. Can't wait to keep creating with you all!

Bubbly Bernice

Hello! I love teaching kids all kinds of fine art, origami and English. I help with the studio's day to day activities. 

Emma Banana

Hi there! I'm an instructor at LAB. I love helping kids with their art projects. I also love to make jewelry and teach dance. 

Creative Carmen

Hi! I am the digital creator of LAB friends and help design all the fun graphics and media for the studio!

Trendy Wendy

Hi! I'm co-boss, and events + sales coordinator at LAB. Be sure to check out our online LAB Shop for amazing art stuff. 

Terrific Tina

Hey-o! I am LAB's supervisor! I love teaching kids art, math, and how to take care of plants. I help with the studio's day to day activities. 

Rainbow Rachel

Hi-ya! I teach students all kinds of art; my specialty is in ceramics and sculpture. I help with building LAB's awesome curriculum for kids!

Busy Izzy

Hello! I'm an assistant instructor at LAB. I enjoy helping kids paint, draw and sculpt. 

Friendly Emily

Hi ya! I'm an assistant instructor at LAB. I enjoy helping kids paint, draw and sculpt. 

Mr. Messy

Hi there! When I'm at the studio, I do safety checks and direct students to where they need to go. I love being at LAB on weekends so I can spend time with Messy Jessy :)