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Happy New Year @ LAB Language Arts Base Studio

Updated: Jan 6

To our dear LAB Families:

As 2022 comes to a close, we, the LAB team, thought we would share some of our favourite memories from the past year, as well as goals for 2023!


Amazing Andrea: My favourite memory from the past year has been the Parent and Me classes! I love watching the children grow from their first class to their last. It is always a pleasure to see the assortment of personalities shine through. Some kids are eager to speed through their art, while others cautiously approach the canvas. In the end, I love watching each child progress and develop new skills and confidence with art, their classmates, or our studio. Plus, the toddlers always have the funniest observations and techniques! My goal for the new year is to challenge myself by diving into more marketing and behind-the-scenes activities!


Friendly Emily: This year at LAB has been so fun!! I think one of my favourite memories this year was getting together with the team and learning how to use the clay wheel. I love how LAB always gives me opportunities to try new things ☺️ I also really enjoyed completing Henri Rousseau’s “The Sleeping Gypsy” projects! It was so fun to teach and see what everyone made from the intricate details of the original painting. Next year, I hope to meet lots of new students and continue having fun with everyone!! 😽


Incy Rincy: My favourite memory is the smiling faces of children as they go home with their art pieces. My goal for the new year is to continuously create amazing art for our Advanced Art course (and to get my driver's license)!


Leo Lion: Since Autumn is my favourite season, my top memory for 2022 has to be painting an autumn forest scene for one of LAB’s no-school day workshops. The students spontaneously decided to make their paintings more unique by adding cute Pokemon to the scene and any time you add Pokemon to anything, you’re going to make Leo Lion happy. Naturally, I joined in on the fun and painted Pikachu onto my canvas as well. But above all, that day was extra special because I will fondly remember a student stepping back, looking at her painting and telling herself, “I am so proud of myself today” — hearing that simply melted my heart. My goals for the new year are the same as my goals for any day: I want to always be learning new things and I want to keep being inspired by everyone and everything around me. Working at LAB makes that super easy for me! I wish everyone a happy 2023 :)


Yay Yisu: My favourite memory: learning how to stretch canvas from Leo Lion! My goal for new year: be better with the small kids and find better ways to engage with them when we create anything challenging.


Twinkly Tommy: My favourite memory was when I received a bag of candy from one of the kids on Halloween. It was so cute! My goal for 2022 is to get more kids to sign up for the classes!


Busy Izzy: This yea