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How to Choose the Best Camp Session For Your Child - LAB Art Studio

Updated: Feb 17

We love our camp days at LAB studio because we have so many fun artsy projects for kids all ages to explore! Check out our schedules here, and book your kids' spot(s) today!

After taking a look at our schedules, you may be thinking, "Wow! There are so many choices, how do I choose the best camp session for my child(ren)?" We believe in trying out new things, discovering new interests and passions, and also practicing to improve (and not be perfect). Each camp day is a different so if your kids sign up for multiple sessions, they’re never going to create the same thing twice.

So how do I choose the best camp session for my child(ren)?

Determine which age group fits your child(ren) best! We have three age groups to choose from: 3-5, 6-9 and 10+

For the 3-5 group, we focus on simple projects with basic art skills. We will provide step-by-step lessons, so kids will know how to start and finish a project. With guided direction and prompts, kids should feel more at ease to follow instruction. Most times, the project will have drawn out guidelines and things to trace to ensure good understanding of the techniques demonstrated by our teachers.

For the 6-9 group, we like to start having more open ended art prompts, and allow for some creativity to shine through! We will also provide step-by-step lessons, so kids will know how to start and finish a project. However, we will also want to draw out each individual student’s interest, and have that be a part of their project to take home.

For the 10+ group, we want to push individual creations! We’ll use the daily theme and activity as a suggestion, but encourage students to research and plan out their own project to execute. Instructors will show applicable techniques, and will assist students if needed, but students should be confident to do the entire project on their own from start to finish.

We provide a flexible schedule so you can pick and choose whichever activity your child prefers, or whichever time fits your schedule best.

What if my child is turning 6 this year? Do I register for a 3-5 group or 6-9 group?

This is totally up to you, but we would suggest signing up for the 6-9 group so your child gets a good challenge! Our instructors can also provide feedback, and let you know if your child finds the older group class too tricky at the end of each session. For the Science + Art classes, we allot some time to do reading, writing and oral presentation, so just make sure your child is comfortable with those aspects of the class before signing them up if they’re younger than 6 (Grade 1-2 level).

My child is turning 3 this year, can I register for camps?

Yes, you can definitely try just one session first to see if your child is comfortable with our classes. These classes are meant to be intensive, and we have a goal to complete a project per session. We will have a 5-10 minute break in between, but the students are expected to follow instruction and be hands-on with their art. The projects we recommend for 2-3 year olds would be Canvas Painting and Polymer Clay.

I am not sure what my child likes to do/create as we’ve never taken an art class before, what do you recommend?

Our Canvas Painting and Polymer Clay classes are our most popular activities, and also great for first time art students! If your child has tried and likes these classes, they can be open to trying out other classes. Canvas Painting classes incorporate acrylic paint, and that can be applied in Collage (Gelli Printing), and similar to Watercolour Painting. Polymer Clay classes are more hands-on, so kids could definitely try a Ceramics class to further their sculptural building skills with a more challenging medium.

My child doesn’t really like to make a mess, which activities do you recommend?