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Our 2021 Highlights at LAB Studio

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

We wish you a...

Another year has passed, and as we reflect on all the amazing memories we had at the studio, we are so grateful for our team, our students, and the love and support from our community.

We've asked some of our instructors: "What was your favourite memory of 2021 at LAB?" and here's what they have to say!


Hey there, it's Rainbow Rachel from LAB~ What's my favourite memory of 2021? Hmm... during the month of May we were enchanted with making "The Little Prince" inspired hanging charms from ceramic clay. Then during this year's sunny summer, we had fun playing bubbles with the kids outside? Oh! Also, our growing "clay-tastic" wheel classes!? There are too many to choose from! The year went by so quickly, I want to wish all the best to all those we met this year and I hope to continue get creative with everyone next year!


Hello! Bubbly Bernice here! I have been at LAB for a little over 2 years now and this past year has been so fun and rewarding! I can’t choose any favourite memory in particular because I have so many great ones but one of my favourite artists we learned about with the kids was during the month we crafted Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. It was so cute watching all our students recreate the famous painting in their own beautiful and creative ways! I have also had the pleasure of teaching so many new little ones in our Parent & Me classes. It’s always amazing to watch our little toddlers grow up and see our parents create with their own children. It’s been the greatest pleasure for me to be teaching at LAB and I just cannot wait what 2022 has in store for us all! Thanks to my LAB Team and all of our students for making 2021 a year to remember! May we all have yet another amazing year in 2022 learning and creating art!


Throughout the year I have encountered many wonderful moments. I love working with the students especially when they create unique jewelry and polymer clay pieces. There have been many great memories that have resided within me. However, the most memorable part of working at “LAB” is when I see my students thrilled and happy because of the art they create. I love seeing the children engaged with their work and leave with smiles on their faces. I am grateful to work at such a fun and exciting place alongside my amazing team and I look forward to what “LAB” has in store for us all!

- Emma Banana :)


This year at LAB has been incredible! I’m super thankful to have met all of our wonderful teachers and students this year, as well as for all of the new opportunities I’ve been given to just be creative and have fun with our classes. My favourite moments this year… I’d say every first class of the month! It’s always super exciting to see and meet our students on the first day, each and everyone brimming with talent and creativity j