We have lots of fun inspiring projects for you and your kids to create on a weekly basis! Students work on a large project over the course of the session. Check out our monthly themes:

September 2021
August 2021
July 2021
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Mixed Media

This class is a good one to start for those who like to dabble in many different mediums: shading pencils, oil pastels, watercolours, collage, sewing and more! This is a good introductory course for those who have never taken an art class before.

Available for ages 3 to 15

Acrylic Painting

This is an all-time favourite for kids to explore colours, forms and layering. Materials will include an unstretched canvas and all the paints to create a beautiful masterpiece.

Available for ages 3 to 15

Sculpture Class

This is a great class for those who like to use a little more muscle and build things from scratch. Materials include earthenware clay and/or polymer clay to create a 3D masterpiece. 

Available for ages 3 to 15

Parent & Me Painting

This class is a fun-filled class for parents to come make and create with their little one. There will be singing, some dancing, and lots of lovely firsts with crafty fun.

Available for ages under 3, with parent participation required

Pencil Drawing

Let's get technical with pencils! This class is for older students to train their eyes and be able to recognize and draw what we see every day, and the world around us. Materials include lots of high-quality papers, many shading tools, markers, crayons and erasers.

Available for ages 7 to 15

Alphabet & Art  

This class is for young children (preschoolers to kindergartners) to practice reading with phonics and sight words, while incorporating the lessons with fun-filled crafty drawing projects!

Available for ages 3 to 6

Plant & Paint

This class is great for older kids who want to learn how to propagate plants and paint! We all need a little more green in our lives. Materials will include a beautiful leafy plant to grow, and a plant pot to take home after each session. Classes will be available between March and November.

Available for ages 7 to 15

Reader's Theatre
*Starting September 2021* 

"To be or not to be, that is the question!"

We're excited to bring some drama to the studio! Kids will learn to read & write scripts, practice skits, play parts and be a part of an amazingly sweet and short production for families and friends to see. 

Available for ages 7 to 15

*NEW* Science & Art  

This class is great for those who think curiously and creatively! Kids (7+) will get to make STEAM-related projects, and discover varying topics of the month. 


Available for ages 7 to 15

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